Mississippi que with view - in progress

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  1. Wife is working so I am smoking. Baby backs and chicken thighs. Masterbuilt just starting creeping smoke so the ribs are headed to rest for 225 - 2 hours.
  2. 2 hours later at 235 the ribs come out to a foil wrapping. Brown sugar and a little bitter sweeten things up a bit. Back in the smoker for another 2 hours. Chicken will go on shortly so they can smoke while the ribs steam.
  3. On goes the chicken. They will smoke while ribs are wrapped.
  4. Ribs un foiled. Headed back for another hour with out smoke. Chickens are done smoking and sitting at 151. I can see the finish line. Mopped the ribs before placing back in smoker. I will mop one more time after 30 minUtes.

  5. Ribs pulled and now in the rest box for an hour.

    Smoker bumped up to 300 to finish chicken and crisp skin.

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