Mirage Hot Sauce

Discussion in 'Canning' started by gator, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. I've been wanting to make a batch of homemade hot sauce so I went to the Farmers Market to see what was there.  I found a guy that had a mix of peppers sitting in a bowl.  I offered him a few bucks for the lot of it.  It turned out to be just over 5 pounds of them.  There was jalapenos, serranos, pablanos, cherry peppers, cayanne, and the elusive ghost pepper. This is going to be added to 5 pounds of apples and a few other treats and makes a great sweet HOT sauce.  My son came up with the name "Mirage" because the Heat sneaks up on you. 
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    looking forward to seeing the process.
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    Oh man, that sounds so good. The apple part is intriguing...never thought of that, though I've made some Caribbean Style salsas with mango, papaya and oranges. Plus, you got a real good deal on the chile peppers too...nice!

    What other fruit (if any) or flavors do you have in mind to complement the apples? If you pressure can the salsa in jars, the cooking in the pressure vessel will nicely smooth out the apple instead of having it crunchy.

    This sounds like an exciting project~ keep us posted with running commentary!

  4. I ran it through the blender for the 2nd time then let it cool.  Bottled it up and put some in the fridge.  I tried it this morning on a plain pork rine and loved the flavor.  It came out sweeter than I wanted but I like it. I ended up yielding about 2 1/2 gallons.

    Im going to start another sauce in a couple hours.  This is going to be an "Agent Orange".  It'll have Hungarian peppers, Carots, vinigar, some spices, and a little brown sugar.
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    Wow, you made a lot! How do you bottle it....pressure can or open water bath?

    Agent Orange sounds good too. keep us posted.
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    Do you have a recipe for it?

    It sounds like you just threw it in a blender & then bottled it.
  7. Some of it was done in a water bath, some I just put in the fridge.
  8. Al,

    I've done enough other sauces in the past I knew what I was going for.  I kept track of everything by weight so I can duplicate it later.  You're right, for the most part I just cooked and blended a bunch of stuff, but thats how some great recipe's are created.
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    Hi Gator, I was just concerned with the storage. With all those sugars in there, and so little relative acids and salts, please do not try to store these unrefrigerated for long.

    In a fridge you are good to go for a couple of weeks I'd say, but with over two gallons you may be hard pressed to consume it all within that time frame.
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    I guess you could pressure can it if you wanted to, but that can be very tricky with an untested recipe....dangerous, even.
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    [​IMG]     [​IMG][​IMG]
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    did you dice up the apples and peppers and then simmer it till soft before blending?
  13. I blended all the peppers in water, straining between batches and reusing the water.  I reused the water for each batch then added it to the sauce, I bet the water would have made a great bloody mary mix, but I added it to the sauce.  then I cooked the blended beppers and apples.  after I added the rest of the ingrediants and cooked for a few hours I blended everything again.  I think it turned out great.  You can use it for a dip for chips or vegitables or top alot of food with it.  I found I like it on eggs or biscuits and gravy.
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    Gator, welcome!  Your recipe sounds great, terribly interesting, would like to see the results.
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    reusing the water for blending is a great idea! i'm going to try that with my next sauce batch.  and that would have been one hot bloody mary!! :)

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