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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by sthomasaz, Oct 30, 2015.

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    I had a question on the minion method. I made a basket and it has made things so much easier. But I haven't done a long smoke yet, just ribs and loin. On a longer smoke where you will be using more than one basketful of charcoal, do most people have a second basket that they have ready to and swap out or do they just refill the basket and start over?

    If it is refill the basket and start over, do you dump any hot coals in the basket out or can you put fresh charcoal on top and let it burn that way?
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    Whether or not you will need to refill or just use one basket depends on your smoker and how big your basket its. If your smoker has a lot of air leaks or is not efficient then you will probably need to reload mid-smoke.

    The way to re-load mid smoke is to have a chimney starter handy. You need to fill the chimney and light it, let it get about half lit - you want to get through the smokey start up stage from when you light the charcoal. Once it is burning without a lot of smoke you can dump it on top of the stuff in your basket. You may have to put two full chimneys in depending on the size of your basket and the length of the smoke remaining.

    You will get a temp spike, so damp down your air intake after adding the charcoal to help stabilize your temps ASAP.

    Gook luck!

  3. I know how long my mini will go on a single basket. When time gets close, I pay attention to the temp. When temp starts to drop, I remove the pot long enough to shake the ash out of the basket and tilt it to bunch remaining charcoal that is still burning to one side. Then I refill with fresh charcoal and wood chunks and reassemble the mini. Occasionally I will stick the torch through the ball valve long enough to get the temp back up and to put some fire to the new charcoal.

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