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    Patience!!! That is the toughest ingredient you will have to have???

    First,get a Flat, (that is a trimmed Brisket), the whole thing would wear your patience to Mich. and back.

    These take time,and (IMHO),a low heat-225*to 250*. You will have to have a day when you can go out and check it from time to time.Do yourself a favor and get a Pen Thermometer(at grocers hanging on the little -'in your face '-hooks).

    Put this in a little hole near the cooking grate,and monitor the heat.

    A second thermometer(appox.$3ea.),to check the meat temp.

    It will take at least one hour/pound of meat to cook it. Do not check the meat until you have reached the time factor-this guarantees it will be in long enough and unMESSED with, to let the heat get in the meat...i.e.-do not look!

    After the time factor,you can check each 45min. to 1-1/2 hr.

    keep it simple for spices-a litle Saly and Cracked Black Pepper is a good start.Put it on Just before the cook.

    Patience is the answer for you,and you will give me points for this...

    Hope thios helps and,
  2. Thanks for the advice! I am going shopping tonight for some thermometers, charcoal, wood chips/chunks, and patients(if they are not all out)[​IMG]
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    Get 2 thermometers. Gotta have a backup

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