Midway thru first attempt w//new smoker - TEMP STALL

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stevetheteacher, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. The external temp is a constant 225, but the meat temp stalled at 114. What can I do to raise meat temp?
  2. drewed

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    114 is pretty low for a stall temp. Usually butts stall close to 160ish.  Are you sure your cooker is @ 225?  Did you test the thermo?  What type of smoker, what type of meat?

    You have three choices -

    1. Wait.  The temp will come it

    2. Wrap in foil to "power through" the stall.  This will affect the bark formation

    3. Crank the temp - not the best option, but if all else fails.....
  3. It's a Brinkmann Outdoor Living smoker. I am smoking London Broil. I am basing the ET on the temp. reading I'm getting off the included therm. I have opened the vents fully and threw on another piece of wood but the temp. remains 114. That temp. is provided by my Maverick remote therm.

    Foiling is the only thing I haven't tried.
  4. Up to 121 now. Hopefully this continues. My remote receiver is 1 degree higher than the transmitter? Is that odd or normal?
  5. tropics

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    1 degree is close enough for me.
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    Good things come to those that wait! Timing a smoke is always hard. That's why they invented liqueur and appetizers!
  7. Stall at 124
  8. Are you maintaining a reasonable constant temp or a wide range low to high? And are your stall temps at your bottom low before you stoke and/or add fuel?
  9. The temp did ump to 275 but I lowered it to 225 by opening the fb door. The stalls were before stoking/adding fuel.
  10. drewed

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    Ok, so this is a little late, as I'm sure your don't now, but London Broil is a cut of steak, I wouldn't take my steak above 125/130 although FDA says 145 with a 3 min rest

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