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Discussion in 'Michigan Members Group' started by cityofvoltz, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. cityofvoltz

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    Hello All,

    I'm curious as to what everyones preferred bottled sauce is... and i guess if any of those are from Michigan.  

    The only Sauce that is bottled that I know i have had that is Michigan Made is Billy Bones- I have seen Michigan cherry bbq sauce at the country smokehouse though.

    Has anyone tried any others?
  2. handymanstan

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    I found this online.

    1. Hot Rod Bob’s – Oxford, Michigan (origin), produced in Shelby Twp
    2. Schwas Sweet & Sassy Sauce – Iron River
    3. Sweet Sass Flavor Sauce – Livonia
    4. Barlow’s Gourmet Sauces – Rose Twp
    5. The Fly Trap Sauces – Ferndale
    6. Billy Bones BBQ - Sanford
    7. Sansonetti BBQ Sauce - Holly
    8. Brownwood Farms – LeLand
    9. Magoo Gourmet Barbecue Sauce – Farmington Hills
    10. The Cherry Stop BBQ Sauces – Traverse City
    11. Cherry Republic – Glen Arbor
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  3. humdinger

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    Great info stan. Thanks.
  4. bodon

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    I make a Carolina style sauce that many have been trying to get me to sell.  Stay tuned.  It may happen soon.
  5. handymanstan

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    Hey Bodon I see this is your first post Please stop by roll call and introduce yourself.  Ill be watching for the sauce.
    Humdinger I could not believe how many sauces that are made here in Michigan. I am going to start trying some thanks for making me look.
  6. Big Moe Pritchett's sauce is a very good Michigan sauce.  Always had to buy it buy the gallon from Sam's Club but I have recently seen it at local Hardings Markets in smaller sizes.
  7. cheech

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    I am told Big Moe's is also available at Meijer stores and is a very good sauce

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