Mesquite Smoked Rib Roast on the Weber...

Discussion in 'Beef' started by worktogthr, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. worktogthr

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    So I had this relatively small rib roast in the freezer that I cut the ribs off of and froze for another smoke. Decided to smoke it hot and fast with indirect heat on the Weber. Rubbed it with a little oil and some SPOG. Didn't take any pre pics. Sorry.

    I used a chimney full of lump and threw some chunks of mesquite on them. It worked out well because for the first half hour it was going around 450 and then it was cruising between 325 and 350 for the rest of the cook. That's exactly how I cook them in the oven so it was nice to not have to mess with the vents and just let the lump slowly cool down. Here is the pic of it right off the smoker.

    The crust smelled great. And here,is the big reveal...

    Pulled it at 125 and it was a little more well done then I would have liked . I have a suspicion that my maverick is 6 or 7 degrees higher than the actual temps. I'll have to test it in boiling water again. And her is my plated pic...gluttony at its finest.

    It turned out great. Really happy considering it's the first rib roast I have cooked this way. A really tough critic enjoyed it too...

    Thanks for looking
  2. demosthenes9

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    Nice looking roast.   Given the temps you were cooking at, I'd say that your Mav was pretty much spot on if you were probing right in the middle. 
  3. worktogthr

    worktogthr Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Thanks! The maverick was reading the room temp as 77 when my other therm and the house thermostat was at 70. And when I probed the roast right out of the fridge it read 46 and my other therm read 39.
  4. c farmer

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    Great looking meal.
  5. worktogthr

    worktogthr Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Thanks a lot! I am a beef fanatic for sure and rib roasts are one of my favorite things in the world.

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