Mesquite Smoked/Chargrilled T-Bones: q-view

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by forluvofsmoke, May 1, 2010.

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    Hey All! I didn't have anything ready for a long smoke today, but wifey brought home armloads of on-sale meats again this evening and the T-bones looked tasty enough to we did!

    Rubbed with Red Bell Pepper rub, as I'm still going with the flow on this new rub, and, I got another base hit...I think I've loaded the bases more than once with that rub and the scoreboard so far is 0 runs against me, and all my runners came home.

    Ready for some hot mesquite smoke and charcoal fired searing:

    Red meat!!!! Med/rare, tender and juicy:

    Here's the dry rub recipe, if you missed it:

    I can't find anything this rub doesn't compliment...low salt and smooth flavor with just a hint of spicy and sweet on these T-bones.

    I think I'm in need of a chuckie and a packer brisket to try it on next. I do have one problem: I'm almost out of dried red bell pepper and it takes 2 weeks for an order to arrive...ouch!!!

    Thanks for peeking on another round of red bell pepper rub.

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    Man, those look good!

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