MES40 Gen 2, issue with outside heat ?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by blacktavert, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. I have had a GEN 2 MES40 for almost two years.  I typically only use it September - May,   don't smoke much during the summer out in the heat.  It is stored on my deck under a pretty thick waterproof grill cover that is bungee corded around the smoker.

    i recently had the typical wiring issues,  rigged it up with some 12G wire I had to get by during a smoke but had problems with the unit turning off repeatedly during the smoke.  I was not tripping the breaker or anything, would just simply shut off and I would be able to get it back on a few minutes later.  I ordered some high temp 12G wire and SS push connectors and completely rewired it.  Been testing it out recently and had some isssues like before where it would turn off but not trip anything.  I have finally been able to get it to run normal, but have noticed that when it does run correclty it is not in direct sunlight and not 80+ degrees outside on my deck.

    I am starting to wonder if it is the heat and direct sunlgiht shining on the top of the box and the control panel that is cuasing it to get hot and shut it down.   I have definitely seen some correlation lately of it running flawlessly on cloudier and cooler days.

    Anybody else had issues with this ?
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    I don't know if heat can affect your control box or wiring, but I do know that in the Winter, Spring & Fall, when the Sun is low in the sky, it can shine through the front glass of my MES & hit the sensor on the back wall of the smoker, shutting the element off when the smoker isn't as hot as the setting.

    However this only affects it at lower temps, such as below 140°.

    Here is a Post I did on it awhile back:

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    Living in Florida it is hot almost year round. I used my Gen2 MES this past Sunday when it was in the 90s with no problems. 
  4. Thanks for the responses, All was good tonight again as it was cooler and in the shade. I am going to turn it on for a bit tomorrow night again and then test it Saturday out in the sun and see if any issues, If not, planning on making some baby back ribs on sunday

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