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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by chainsaw, May 15, 2010.

  1. chainsaw

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    Okay-as most everyone knows I smoke pretty much every weekend. 30" MES. All works well, It is under a porch roof, not exposed. So tonight I prepped 2 butts, going to fire them up around 3AM. Put my drip pan in the back in place. Came back a while later and it was filled with what appears to be water. Not grease, just water. Tha was at 5 or 6pm. It is now almost 10pm and I just dumped another tray of water, drained from the spout in the back.
    I can't believe it, but there it is. I have had some dark moisture drip from the bottom in the past, thought it was condensation. This is beyond belief. I always take the drip tray out to wash it too.

    Anyon have a similar experience? This is too wierd!
  2. jsdspif

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    Normally mine only gets a very small amount of anything in it , but the other day I happened to notice it was overflowing , mostly with water . I just figured I bumped mine when the water pan was really full . I usually have whatever I'm smoking over the water pan so most of the meat juices fall into the water pan . Normally I get very little in my back drip tray.
  3. skillet

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    I've got my MES 40" filled full of pork shoulder. I think it's the amount and moisture content that makes the difference.

    I injected mine today. Noticed the window just dripping with water. Checked the tray and it was almost full in the first 4 hours.

    Also have water/juice coming out my right front door seal right at the foot pad. Thinking have it completely full it can't dissipate the moisture fast enough.

    Never have it on lighter smokes.

    Didn't take a pic of when I loaded it up but here is what's there, thats 57+ lbs of butt in the smoker now.

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