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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by dennis s, Jun 20, 2011.

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    Hi, I have a 30" mes. I've noticed now that it has warmed up my smoker heating element doesn't cycle on enough to get good smoke. The thing is insulated so good it retains the heat. Has this been the case for you other mes users. If so is there a different method being used. I've been using my a-maze-en smoker to get the job done. The only down side is when I run all four racks.

    Any help would be great, Thanks[​IMG]
  2. I use the AMNS for most of my smoking, but it is nice to have a functional chip tray too. I had a similar problem with my MES40 and did the below linked mod to the small chip tray assemply to fix it. I am not sure that this fix would also apply to your MES30, but it something you can research and consider. Also, Masterbuilt has a retro-kit available that replaces the small chip tray with a larger one. I understand that Masterbuilt provides it free to some upon request. Again, I am not sure that this would apply to you MES30.

    Mod to small wood tray:
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  3. dennis s

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    Thanks for the advice. I'll try the mod and call masterbuilt and get the upgrade.
  4. beer-b-q

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    Dennis if you contact masterbuilt they will get the retro fit chip box out asap...  I would get that first to see if it solves the  problem...
  5. dennis s

    dennis s Fire Starter

    thanks, I'll check it out.
  6. bearcarver

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    Yup---What Paul & hkeiner said.

    Originally, I believe it was just for the newer MES 30s with the half drawer that didn't smoke worth a darn under 180˚ smoker temp, but then they covered the MES 40s too, because of the complaints. I would go for that FREE retro-fix.

    However, even if you get it smoking as it should, you will still have problems getting smoke in the Summer, below 150˚ smoking temp.

    That is where the AMNS comes in. The AMNS doesn't care if it's Summer or Winter.

    The AMNPS can smoke dust too, but the best thing is an AMNS (dust) for smokes under 180˚, and an AMNPS (pellets) for smokes over 180˚---tested all the way to 275˚. I don't know about higher than 275˚, as mine only goes to 275˚.

  7. dennis s

    dennis s Fire Starter

    Thanks for the info. I've used my amns a lot. It works great.
  8. tjohnson

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    It's not really a performance issue, but just the way electric smokers work.

    If one of these manufacturers figured out a way to have e "Dual Element" in their smoker, they would sell a bunch of them.  The MES 40" for example, has a 1,200 watt element.  if they had a 600/1200 element, the unit could operate on "Low" for smoking, and "High" for heating.

    Cabelas has a dual element electric smoker, but it's a little pricey for me

  9. mbtechguy

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    Hi Dennis,  Send me your address, and I will get a retro-kit out to you asap.  Thanks.  Darryl
  10. captturbo

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    I have to say ... as you can see from the post above, MES seems to take care of us customers. My MES 30 hit a glitch a few smokes ago when I was trying to take it up to 275* at the end of a smoke to get some nice crust on a roast and the unit could not rise above 247*. I called MES and a nice lady told me that she thought it was a problem with the wireless control head. She said that they were on back order but sent me one of the old style ones which was non wireless (no remote function) and would get me a new wireless one out when they come in.

    I'm pleased with them and I do very much enjoy my smoker. Oh, and another thing: While I was on the phone I asked her about the fire box upgrade to see if my unit had it.  Well, I tried to get the serial numbers off the back of the smoker for her but they were badly scratched from shipping or assembly so we couldn't determine if I had the upgrade on mine so she shipped me the new wood tray assembly too. It turns out that I had the new deign but as luck would have it one of the spot welds just broke on my chip tray and I have a new one on hand! Thanks to their customer support.

    I still want to get one of those AMAZN smoke trays for the pellets though.
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    That's why we like to say--------------------[​IMG]


    Todd & Darryl !!!!

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