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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by cincyjames, Mar 22, 2015.

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    I bought the stainless steel MES 30" from QVC about 2 years ago and can't figure out a unique problem I'm having.

    I've looked up the other models of the 30" MES and they all seem to have a clip that locks the door when closing the smoker.  Mine has a handle on the front that acts like a deadbolt on a doorknob where i have to spin it one way or the other to get it to lock on the inside of the smoker.

    The problem is that it's become very loose from many uses and even after tightening the nut down on the inside, the knob is still loose and difficult to lock in.

    Does anyone have any advice on a fix for this or a way to get that part?  i've tried masterbuilt's website and can't find that specific part as if its some kind of special model that they no longer support.
  2. cincyjames

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    My latch broke on my MES 40 and when I called them they sent me a new one. I'd call them they were real cool with me. Have your serial number ready you'll need it.
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    Ok thanks.  I wasn't sure how much help they'd be since this thing is way out of warranty. Ive had some trouble finding info on my specific model.  I guess they didn't sell it for long, for some reason.  Maybe this is why, haha.
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    Looks like this was a customized electric analog model which QVC probably sold as an exclusive. Since you bought it two years ago it's out of warranty. I recommend you look at the metal plate which has the model and serial number and perhaps the date of manufacture, write down that info and call Masterbuilt customer service. They still sell that model (in black) and so I'm sure they can sell you the replacement part. Here's their current model off the website:
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