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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pdeputy, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. I just bought an MES 40 last weekend.  (I also bought a AMNPS that hasn't gotten here yet.)  

    My problem is that the wood chip tray is too small.  I will have to refill it numerous times during a smoke.  I have read some old posts about a wood chip retro kit.  I called Masterbuilt and they say that the retro kit they would provided me now is not any larger than the tray I currently have.

    Is there a way to increase the size of the chip tray now, as opposed to what posters said was available back in 2011 / 2012?
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    Welcome to SMF, Deputy!!  [​IMG]

    I wouldn't bother with the chip burner. The retro-fix wasn't for a bigger tray, it was for a tray that worked, because they had an extra piece of metal under the chip drawer that kept the heat from getting to the chips.

    Even when it works as good as it can, it would be very inconsistent in how heavy the smoke is.

    Learn to use your AMNPS, and have awesome smokes from then on. I haven't put a chip in an MES chip burner in 5 years, and ell his well.

  3. Thanks Bearcarver,

    I was hoping that was the answer.

    Question:  Does the AMNPS put out "thin blue smoke" when its working properly?  Or is it a little more dense than that?  I previously used a Bradley, whos pucks usually put out a thicker, whiter colored smoke.
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    It isn't always Blue, but it's almost always within the proper amount, from very light to Medium heavy.

    The color isn't as important as how heavy it is. IMHO

    If you have a window in your door, and the smoke is too thick to be able to see anything inside your smoker, it's too heavy (Thick).

    I like it from about Half of that down to just barely seeing it, or even just so you can smell it is enough.

    Hope that helps,


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