MES 40"' new smoker temp swing

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by sydann, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. sydann

    sydann Newbie

    I have a new 40" with the large waterpan and the vent on top left. What is an acceptable temp swing? I have set to 240 to get 225. It goes from a high of 228 to a low of 212. I am monitoring with and oven thermometer and a ET-732 Redi check. Should I go up to 245 to bring the low up some? I will also call Masterbuilt to see if I need a temp gauge change.


  2. goldmine1965

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    There are several post here on this forum about temp swings. If you do a search for "temperature variance" you will see some of them. Not sure if they would apply to your model, I have MES 30 and went through this temp swing too. But if you have to set it a higher temperature (240) just to get to your desired temp (225), then consulting with Masterbuilt might be the way to go. You might have a issue with the controller or heating element.

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