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  1. Reading about this AMNPS, what is it and how does it work with the MES?
  2. On my 40 inch MES, my remote doesn't show the hours, just a zero and only one digit for the minutes. Is this correct or do I have to call Masterbuilt?
    Thanks for any help.
  3. foamheart

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    Just an FYI, on my MES 40 Gen 1, The distance their remote will work is extremely limited. Even at 5 feet it has to have line of sight to function. So it was just a thought, make sureyou are close and have line of sight.

    Other than that, Probably Masterbuilt's 800 line will be your best answer. Always go to the horse's mouth first, then if you can't get satifaction..........  But I would guess you will I have been extremely impressed with their CSR and tech dept. Smart with a professionakl demeanor and even a good personality.

    I would give them a call.

    What we refer to as AMP's is a pellet type auxillary smoke device. It works well, no moving parts, add pellets light and let her smoke away.

    Click the sponsor tab above on the task bar. Go to Amazin products. there will be tubes and dust for cold smoking and pellets and trays for standard smoking.
  4. bearcarver

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    Must be something wrong with yours.

    I can't get any farther from my house than 200' without having a lot of trees in the way, and my MES 40 Gen #1 remote works perfectly from there.

    As for obstacles, mine works in any room in my house, including the most important place---Next to my recliner. I wish I could say the same for my Mavericks!!

  5. foamheart

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    My old timer Maverick, died this week with 30 pounds of pork already ground for sausage. Worked great for 15+ years, the nerve of it! I got a new 732 I think, come to find out, my old single probe can set alarm points starting at 10 degrees, the new one starts at about 150.

    Sausage, 100, 110, 120, 130.

    Today I did it old school, visual and touchie feelie, and a little bit of timing. LOL I did it that way all my life and when the Maverick went out I was all goofie like OMG what now? LOL Damn we get reliant on electronics! Its Crazy!

    I never worried about with my Maverick, I did calibrate it once, but since I don't used the MES meat probe, well........... I sure wished it worked better today.
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  6. bearcarver

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    I never set any alarms on my Mavericks. I just keep an eye on it, which is hard to do because my 732 loses contact beside my recliner, so I have to put it far enough away that I can't see it to get it to regain contact (Steel front door between me & my smoker).

    I use my old 73 for my curing fridge, which is in the basement, and it loses contact only having to see through my Dining Room floor to the fridge.

    However my MES Remote control works Any place I take it. I don't know why Maverick can't be as good as my MES Remote is????

  7. red dog

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    Same here Bear. I can use my remote on my gen1 from my bedroom with the smoker outside. That's through 3 walls and about 40'. I do have to occasionally push the light button to get it to reconnect and make sure my remote is vertical.

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