MES 40 - How often do you add wood for smoke?

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  1. I have an MES 40 that has the small half tube chip loader on one side.

    How often do you add wood for smoke?  With a full tube, I seem to see 45ish minutes of visible smoke through the window.  Do you add every hour or so?  Is this really a taste thing?

    Has anyone tried using chunks split down to a size that will fit in the tube instead of chips?  Seems to me that would give me a longer smoke?

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    The MES can be weird and Belch Flame if you add too many Chips. A 1/4C every 30 minutes is typical and yes 1" X 3" Chunks last longer. Your best bet is to look into one of the Pellet Smoke Generators from A-MAZE-N Products... owner Todd is a SMF member and a great guy with awesome service and depending on MES model he has options that will give you up to 10 hours of perfect Thin Blue Smoke (TBS) at any temp from Ambient to 275°F. The MES only likes to make smoke at 180°+, sucks for Cold/Warm smoking Bacon and Cured Sausage like Kielbasa...JJ
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