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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by dmcfarlan, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. I was looking on Cabels and there are two MES 30 Electric smokers.

    One that says MES 30 smoker, and one that says MES 30 analog smoker.

    The analog one looks like it does not have the digital temp on the top.

    Anyone know if that is the basic difference.

    I am looking at the one with the digital temp control on top.

    How is this model?  Is it a new design.

    I see some people have problems with getting a good smoke from the chips.

    How does this model do?


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    I don't know about the analog smoker, but there are variations even in the MES 30" smoker that you need to watch out for.

    My MES30 is four years old, and has twice had a failure in the electrical connection to the heating element.  This is not an uncommon problem and you can find posts talking about it.

    I was looking at BassPro shop about a week ago and saw two MES30's.  One of them had an access panel on the rear of the unit that would allow much easier access to the connections.  The other did not have that.  I suspect that the new model has the panel, but that the store had older models still in stock.

    As to the smoke problem, I see from other posts that they have reduced the size of the wood box by half from what mine is.  Mine goes all the way across the heating element, and the wood chips turn to charcoal and to ash.  Some have complained that the current models with a half width wood chip tray will only get the chips to charcoal, not ash -- and have less smoke.

    I know that I get more smoke if I open the top vent versus leaving it shut tight.
  3. I bought the analog model last night. Check out the demo video at Masterbuilt.  There is no doubt that the element can be easily changed in this model if it goes out.  When doing my research, I noticed that the highly regarded units like Smokin Tex were SS boxes with a burner, wood tray and no digital control.  I liked what I saw and for $169, I went for it.,cpprod^H172488,cm_scid^dtlr&walk=&cmtags=
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    The digital shows $199 at Lowes and it seems like I've seen it even cheaper.  You can't go wrong with the analog at that price but you will need to use a thermometer and watch the temp/regulate it where the digital does it for you.

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