Mes 30 temp huge variance HELP

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by thesmayway, May 28, 2016.

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    I'm on my first smoke using the MES 30 gen 1. I've got it set at 250 with 2 pans of beans in it. 1 pan is on the 2nd shelf, 1 pan on the 3rd shelf. Top and bottom shelves are unoccupied. Amnps smoking nicely, chip pan slightly out and chute partially out. My maverick currently reads 203 and the unit temp reads 252. The bbq probe is on the second shelf from the top at the back of the smoker. Is this simply a cold spot because of the 2 trays of beans or do you think I'm really that far off? Thanks!

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    I am no expert but think the bbq probe that comes with the MES is not accurate at all.

     I`d trust your Maverick.

    Hot spots ..mine has them and all kinds of things including weather and how much meat I`m smoking affect my smokes.

    Good luck!
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    Ok before any of you kind and far more experienced people had a chance to reply I got impatient and went with my hunch. I figured the probe was making contact with something throwing the Temps off so I moved the one pan. Hated opening it BUT as soon as I did the reading sky rocketed and I'm within 10 degrees. I think it was touching the one pan?? Not sure if that would have a affect but something changed. I was going to be pretty angry if I was set at 250 and couldn't get past 210.

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