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  1. Just completed this cart!  The cart has side and front fold down shelves that hold my foil pans loaded with meats.  I tested all sides and top of the smoker with an infrared temp gun before I started the project, and found no temperature over 98 degrees.  I am able to roll the cabinet right out my shop doors when I'm smoking.  Its really handy having the smoker 2' off the ground!  Openings are cut for the chip tube and the grease tray.  I'm retired, and always looking for these kinds of projects.

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    Nice job!!

    Looks well thought out.

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    Nice job!  Your smoker is way too clean.  Time to get it dirty.  You can never have enough shelving.  I like the front rack to place a baking sheet when sliding out a rack with food on it to keep drips off the concrete/deck.

  4. I've used it about 15 times, but clean it after each smoke!  Most everything is covered with foil during smoking, and that really helps!  The shelves are really handy.  I keep the smoker in my workshop when I'm not smoking, and I create a lot of saw dust so I quickly found the cover was necessary.
  5. Is there any reason not to clean it???
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    It's entirely up to the owner. If you have a black dry spray paint looking interior from low creosote then I'd leave that smoky seasoning to help work fo me. Many 100+ year old pits have never been cleaned except for the grates which give its BBQ it's own distinct flavor especially when used daily with the same wood in a commercial production. The three stages of creosote build up are powdery/flakey black particles, porus/crunchy black build up then shiny/gummy build up. All of which is what you don't want but can be eliminated at the first stage with using a bbq bristle brush. Just lightly brush to knock off flakes from the ceiling that can fall on food etc. I have never used wood chips only the AMNPS. Those of us that use the mailbox mod will get a little dryer less creosote smoke since it is piped in to the food chamber instead of generated in it. The chimney effect. My window stays cleaner much longer.

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