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  1. Hello all...[​IMG]  New to smokin and new here. Posted this in another place then found the MES Grp..Pretty kool.. Can someone give me an estimate on time cooking 2 butts and one turkey breast at the same time(all at once) in an MES 30? I have cooked a few and they turned out good, but have not cooked them together?? My son is having an "office" dinner and wants me to do a breast.. I don't want to be late on the time?? All help will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance...
  2. Bownutrob,

         I am new to the forums but might be able to offer some advice. When I cook my pork butts I cook them for 14 hours @ 225 degrees. I have not done more than one butt at a time but I do know that it will take the bird a lot less time to cook than the pork. If you try cooking them all together I believe that you will either have two under cooked butts or one very over cooked bird. Birds are tricky in that they vary in size, I cook mine by temp not time. If you cook the bird to an internal temp of 175 degrees and let it set for 20 minutes you'll be fine.

    By the way, I brine both my pork as well as poultry. Never have a dry bite of meat again if you brine. Sorry this doesn't answer your question exactly, hope it helps.
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    You can figure 1 1/2 to 2 hours per pound for the butts, smoking at 225 and taking them to 205 internal temp. The breast will take about 1/2 hour per pound at 225 to get to 165-170 degrees.
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    I may be old fashioned, but I use a thermometer to judge the cook. My 30" MES may or may not be spot on for cooking temp due to outside temp and humidity. I live in New Mexico where the altitude is well over a mile high. Water boils at less than 200 deg, F. This altitude increases cooking time noticeably. Temp is the only way to measure doneness.

      The best thermometers are by Maverick and the new "Smoke" by Thermoworks. Your two butts will probably smoke taking similar times but your bird will take a shorter time given the same cooking temp. One of the two probes can be inserted in the butt and one in the bird. this way you can monitor each for doneness.

      Good luck. I have been smoking foods for over ten years but have had my MES only two years and I love it.
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    I think your actual question is NOT how long a Butt takes or how long a Breast takes, but How much longer does it take to do all 3 together (2 butts & 1 Breast), instead of each one at a time.

    As long as you can get to your set temp of at least 230° (250° would be better), and stay at that temp, without opening your door a bunch of times, the extra time should be minimal----Maybe an extra half hour to one hour longer than the biggest of the two butts would take.

    If you open the door a lot, or if your MES 30 can't get to set temp & stay there, then all bets are off.

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    And I didn't notice this thread & question was asked more than 5 years ago, however this question comes up every now & then, so there's my answer (above).


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