MES 30 and AMNPS first Boston Butt

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by sm0kin, May 26, 2013.

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    Wow- Boston butt turned out FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!! I followed recipe from here, finishing sauce, and time... sweet time...  12 hours 32 minutes. dry smoke, sprayed every hour from 160-195. Right at 11 hours on 15oz of oak in the AMNPS. The fan proved its worth with the consistent heat and smoke. I did end up removing the chip tray after the first 2 hours to see how it worked, under 250 It seems like a solid option, over 250 it likely would prove to be a better heat shield for the AMNPS.  2 hours wrapped in a large towel in my cooler. The bone came out completely clean as you can see. I never knew.......... This will be the first of many!!!! BIG Thanks to all who posted their results and opinions for everyone to try ! Oh and yes that is my favorite bourbon that shared in this smoke.


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    Sounds like you did your homework and your plan came together great. Looks wonderful. Congrats on your first butt. I know your hooked now.

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