MES 30 Analog - Conversion

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    Hey Everyone,

    I just made a Mini WSM smoker and use that all the time, which has left my MES without any use.  

    I live on a canal in Florida and am looking to buy a castnet/make a gig for some mullet, and wanted to convert my MES into a fish smoker.  My goal is to keep the heating element but remove the rack for the water & chips use an A-Maze-N pellet smoke box.  Here is what I am looking to get to make this.  Already have the plastic tubing for the pump:

    My thought is that I could drill through near the heating element and have the air pump feed the pellets for the smoke, and drill through the top and put on the damper.  The element would keep the heat and the pellets would provide the flavor.  

    What can I use so that the plastic tubing does not melt when connected to the smoker?  Is there a better way to modify this thing?  Any input is greatly appreciated.



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