MES 30, AMPS, and Brisket...HELP TEMPS

Discussion in 'Beef' started by acd4476, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. acd4476

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    I started a packer and two butts today in my MES 30 this morning.  They went in the smoker at around 8:30 this morning after I preheated the MES to 250 and filled the water pan with boiling water.  Ever since I've loaded the meat  I've had troubles keeping temps up.  The max display to time on the controller has been 230 (it is set at 270) and my probe (Maverick 732) reads around 206.  Now it is a chilly 32 degrees here in Michigan today and I've left the chip vent open about 1/4 way to allow for air for the AMPS.  Not sure what to do as I'm at a loss.  Any help would be appreciated.  On a better note I should be ok going from 40-140 in 4 hours as the butts are at 138 now and the brisket is reading 144 (thick part of flat).   Also, is it ok to smoke at 205 not 225-235?  

  2. acd4476

    acd4476 Fire Starter

    I almost forgot, should i re-probe to ensure that I'm at 140?  Im a little worried that these may be in a fatty part as my temps were around 185 for the first 2 hours of the smoke....
  3. frosty

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    As for smoking at 205 degrees, you will take longer to get it to 195 for slice or 205 for pulling.

    If you are running out of time at night, you could certainly wrap it and finish it in the oven at the lower temps.

    Up to you though.  Good luck.
  4. shooterrick

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    I am not a user of the MES but lets try and just disect the prob till someone better qualified on this smoker comes along.  You said it was 32 F out.  Is the wind blowing?  If so then set up a wind block with a lawn chair or anything to keep from pulling heat off the smoker.  You said you opened the chip bin.  Not sure about how this works but you wanted more air going through the smoker so I assume you are also losing heat at that point also.  Does the regular vent on the MES not provide enoeph flow?  I hope EMAN comes along or someone else familiar with the smoker you are using.  Good Luck!
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  5. daveomak

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    Try closing the chip tray .... cutting both ends out of a tin can and setting it on the vent to stop the wind from blowing in the smoker... a 26 oz soup can or pumpkin pie filling can should work...
  6. acd4476

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    thanks the soup can trick worked. I also closed the chip tray. smoking at 225-230 now!
  7. smokinal

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    That's great, problem solved!

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