Memorial day weekend smoking

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  1. With memorial day this weekend, thought it could be cool to see what everyone was planning on smoking. I have some friends coming up to Michigan from Chicago and am planning on doing a brisket Sunday. What are you guys making?
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    there's a busier thread in the "Blowing Smoke" chit chat forum. Might want to see what's up over there.
  3. me and the wife, are going with some ribs, pork loin and a spatchcock chicken. sounds like a lot of food for two people, huh when i get smoke coming from the lang smoker, i try to fill her up.....

  4. 1cutun

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    Have the whole family over tomorrow(Sunday) will be smoking a Boston butt to pull, also smoking 2 venison hindquarters! Having homemade ice cream for desert!! Have fun everyone.. Smoke on👍
  5. I'm glad I found this thread, as I have a general question I was hoping to ask too. I'm having family over Sunday and will be smoking a pork butt for pulled pork. I have plenty of room in my MES 40, so I thought I should make some kind of companion meat. What's something you like to cook along with pulled pork? The easy answer is probably to throw some thighs or leg quarters in there later on, but what are some other things people like to make along with a pork butt?
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    Chicken is always good! Being from a hunting family, usually put some deer meat on along what anything I am smoking!
  7. Ribs, shrimp, baked beans, corn, and smoked peaches for us today
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    Beans for sure! A couple of fatties, and a pan full of ABT's.

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    Grilling Bison burger"s and Brats today , Tomorrow smoking a Corned beef brisket and Monday will be Baby Backs !
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    We are just planning to head to the local dance hall this evening and the weekend food will be Smoked spareribs, babyBack ribs, yard bird quarters and some legs only (for the kiddos) oh, and a 13# brisket to finish off the meat fest...:grilling_smilie:
  11. We are doing 2 butts and 3 ribs today. Mostly cooking for leftovers for the weekend on the lake.

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    . Started at 5:30 this morning! Liking good! Smoke on!
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  13. Nothing too crazy up here in Rhode Island. Few racks on BB and am considering doing smoked mac and cheese, never tried it before though.
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    2 1/2 hr into the smoke. Maintaining 275 temp. Mopped twice👍

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