Memorial day baby back rib Q-View

Discussion in 'Pork' started by yota43, May 30, 2011.

  1. Hi gang,

    Memorial day presented me with a great excuse to do some Q.  Baby Backs were the featured item.  I trimmed, pulled the silver, rinsed, vinegar bath, rinsed, and then applied olive oil.  I let them sit for 20 Min's.  Then I applied the rub.  It took about 40 Min's for the 18.5" WSM to lock on to temp.  I threw two chunks of apple wood into the smoker, and then put the ribs on the top rack meat side down.  After 2 hours I flipped the ribs put in two more chunks of apple wood.  They were smoked for another 3 hours.  Then I rested them for 30 Min's, before they were cut and served.  They were juicy, and so tender.  [​IMG]

  2. Those ribs look excellent...they look very tender and juicy. Thanks for the views!!![​IMG]
  3. smokinal

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    They look delicious!   [​IMG]
  4. bearcarver

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    I'll see your Excellent and your Delicious, and I'll raise you 2 Fantastics!

    And a real nice juicy BearView to boot!!!

    Thanks Yota!

  5. fpnmf

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    Very tasty looking!!

  6. Thanks for all of the kind words guys.  This smoking thing really gets into your blood doesn't it.  For this weekend I'm going to try something that I've never tried before.  I want to do a fatty.  Hopefully I don't make too many mistakes.  Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.  Good Smoking.  [​IMG]

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