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  1. Well Sunday's meal with the family went well. They devoured two 7 1/2 lb. butts leaving half of a small baggie for me to make a couple of enchilada's. They asked me what was for next Sunday, and as I scanned the dinner table of the ten souls I knew then I would go broke with a rib dinner. Soooo, I came up with a grand scheme this morning. Meatloaf for ten. I'll go to Sam's pick up two double packs of ground meat, and smoke all four next Friday for Sunday. Now here's my plan. I give my wife's two sister's each a package of ground meat, and tell them to mix their own meatloaf recipe. I then make up the other two pk-gs., with my own creations since my lovely bride doesn't do kitchens. Then I go and pick up the sister's loafs, and smoke all for Sunday. The idea is so I don't have to listen to them tell me how they would do it different. Of course I'll have to listen to them ask which was better, but no plan is perfect. Have a great day.
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    Sounds like a plan JB![​IMG]
  3. buddy

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    Good luck with it. Hope it all turns out well.
  4. You know if you really want to have some fun do a blind taste test and see which they like better. Good luck
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    Congrats on the butts !!!

    I have a feeling they are going to keep you busy for many weekends !!!

    You are on lucky man, your wife doesn't do kitchens...... I would work with her on this and ask her to take baby steps and start with just washing the dishes !!!
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    i like it let us know if plan works
  7. Thanks. She says if a woman was meant to wash dishes they would not have invented the dishwasher. Hmmm come to think of it she says that about restaurants. Oh well, she's mine, and I love her.[​IMG]

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    Sounds good.
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    Sounds like a good plan...... Let us know how it works out..... Could have some fun results......

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    Read up on Meowey's meatloaf. It is outstanding!

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