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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wormtown q, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. I'm curious if anyone has an opinion on whether or not to use a loaf pan to smoke meatloaf? Is there any difference in smoke penetration or any other pros or cons?
  2. sgtmonte

    sgtmonte Fire Starter

    You wouldn't get a lot of smoke penetration if you use a loaf pan.

    Why not just make a fatty without the bacon wrap?

    Same ingredients and basic process as your meatloaf, just no pan.
  3. davidhef88

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    I think you'll get much better smoke without the pan
  4. I thought that might be the case. Can't go full fatty my body and cheese don't get along to well which runs me into some problems holding it together. Not sure the eggs and bread crumbs will be enough of a binder but really want to get some smoke into it. So with no pan anyone have any other thoughts on a non dairy binder? Trying to keep the bacon out of the diet for a little while as well.
  5. buck1949

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    I just went to the Dollar General or the 99 cents store...can't remember which one...and for a buck they had a perforated pizza type pan, but it was only about 12 inches around.  I laid the meatloaf on there....and after about 2/3 cooking I turned it over one time.... It all came out great!!!  I think they  actually even called the pan a BBQ pan.  (and while it is a bit flimsy, it is definitely reusable many many times) !
  6. buck1949

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    I used Panko bread crumbs, along with an egg or two...and the other ingredients it seems to hold together real well.  One other trick you may want to try....and that is to wrap it in Saran type wrap, and put it in the freezer just till it starts to harden up...and then take it out of the wrap and put on the smoker grill... that seems to work for me.
  7. I put mine in the foil pan to form the loaf, then refrigerate over night. In the morning I take out and set it on the counter while heating up the smoker. I then cut the corners of the pan and cut the sides off, leaving only the bottom of the pan. This has worked out well for me.  Ernie
  8. jcurrier

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    I use a pan cause it catches all the juice and keeps the loaf moist, and it has plenty of smoke as well
  9. ibbones

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    I've made a meatloaf a time or two.  The way I do it is add bread crumbs and a couple eggs along with any seasons you like.  Then I take a glass bread baking dish, spray it with Pam spray and fill it with the meat.  Pack it in really well to make it firm.  Then I take a piece of foil and fold it to the exact size of the dish and flip it over.  The bottom of the the loaf sits on top of the foil and it holds it's shape really well.  The smoke will not come in through the bottom but all four sides will get smoked and all my family and friends still ask for it.

    BTW, guess what kind of sandwich I had for lunch today?
  10. I use a 3:1 beef-pork mix, quinoa, chopped veggies, seasoning and a couple eggs.  I mix it all together in a big mixing bowl then invert it over parchment paper.  I cut the parchment paper very close to the loaf, then put it on a Q-mat, to the rack it goes and put the smoke to it.  At about 155-160 IT I pour my sauce over it and go to 165-170 IT.

  11. gmc2003

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    I won't go into any specifics about ingredients, but I just form my meatloaf on a cutting board with my hands and place her directly on the grates using an over-sized spatula. Never had one fall through or break apart. note: ingredients are mixed in a bowl.

  12. noboundaries

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    I use a disposable aluminum 9 x 13 roasting pan from Costco.  I shape the meatloaf so it isn't touching the sides, just the bottom obviously.  Works like a champ for smoke flavor and keeps the smoker clean. 
  13. I've done meatloaf on cedar planks and I like to use a grill topper in the smoker. The disposable ones aren't bad but I like the non-disposable are nice and sturdy.


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