Meatloaf Extravaganza

Discussion in 'Beef' started by mikendonna, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. I bought my husband a smoker for his birthday and I think I'm enjoying using it just as much as he is. I decided to make meatloaf .... I mean A LOT of dang meatloaf. My intentions are to have a great dinner tonight, but also package most of it with the foodsaver and freeze it so we have easy lunches and weeknight dinners.

    Started out with 5 lbs of ground beef, 1 lb of spicy sausage, 1lb of regular sausage and 1lb of ground turkey and 4lbs of bacon. Added diced onions, garlic and green pepper, eggs and spices and I was able to make four 2 lb Bacon Wrapped Meatloaves.

    Check it out:

    In the mixing bowl:


    Bacon weave with cajun spices, bbq sauce and ketchup


    We agreed that next time it need more ketchup than this:


    These three were done the same way ... the 4th one was stuffed with cheese:


    We LOVE this smoker:


    Wonderful meatloaf!! 2 of them had to stay in a touch longer to crisp up the bacon, but these these  were perfect!


    Had them with creamed spinach and mashed cauliflower. Great way to start football season right.
  2. scarbelly

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    Hello Donna

    The meatloaf does look reall good . Congratulations
  3. chef jimmyj

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    The meatloaves look great and I think it's cool you caught the Smoking Bug! I wish my wife would join me on a smoke but she just says, "I married a Chef and have 2 Daughter's in Culinary school! Why would I EVER go in the kitchen, or sit in the sun all day by the Smoker?" There's Logic staring you in the face![​IMG]...JJ
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    Great job with the meatloaf!

    It looks delicious!

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