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    Hey guys,

    Being a Canadian from Quebec is kinda challenging when attempting to find some of the cuts of meat that are being discussed in the forum. So I went to my local Costco and snapped a few pics figuring maybe you guys could help identify some of these cuts and translate them into other names I might find in the forum.

    Thanks for the help!

  2. reinhard

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    1. Whole beef sirloin tip [usualy in a cryo-bag.

    2. Whole Top Sirloin.  This can be done whole or cut into top sirloin steaks.

    3. Beef Eye of Round.  These are sold whole or half or into steaks.

    4. Sirloin tip roast. same as the whole tip but just cut into smaller portions.

    5.Boneless Pork Loin. Sold whole or half normaly

    6. Same as 5.

    7. Boneless Leg of Lamb

    8. Same as no. 2. but cut into portions, trimmed and tied.

    So basically what is stated in English is what it is normally in these forums also.  There are some cuts that vary in names depending what part of the U.S you are also.  For example a top round is also called a family stead or london broil.  A boneless rib-eye can be called a delmonico steak out on the eastern part of the US.  So If you have questions on individual threads, just ask and I know someone will help you if it's a term you don't understand.  Reinhard
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    Thanks Reinhard this helps!

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