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     Need some help folks. I am smoking a turkey and using a Maverick thermometer  to test the meat temp. I wanted to double check the temp of the meat so I confiscated my wife's meat thermometer and it read 5 degrees differently than the Maverick; so I have another thermometer and tried it and it gave me yet another temp. Maybe I am being overly concerned, but what is the best way to make sure you have an accurate temperature for the meat? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. That's pretty normal. Even if you take the probe on one therm and move it around your piece of meat your definitely going to see slight differences in temp because of distance from bone, fat content, etc. I wouldn't get too worked up about it. Thumbs Up
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    Thanks for your help. Do you have any recommendations on a good thermometer?
  4. Lot of folks here use the Maverick. I use a Thermapen instant therm. There about $100 from the thermapen website. But I use mine for everything from smoked meats to grilled burgers to baked fish.

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    Check your therms in boiling water and see how close they are to 212f, or whatever the boiling point is at your altitude. My maverick is 2 degrees low, my Thermapen is dead on.
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    Thanks again guys ! Good info.

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