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  1. I took a wild boar shoulder out of the freezer Saturday morning thinking it would thaw before Sunday morning so I could throw it on the smoker. Didn't happen. So here's my quandary: The shoulder is fully thawed today (Monday). Can I rub it, pack it tightly in plastic wrap and put it back in the fridge until Friday? I don't have time to smoke it during the week and really don't want to put it in the oven.

    The fridge is barely opened (single guy, lots of take out) so I am sure it will stay below the danger zone the entire time. Let me know, is this safe?
  2. That is pushing it a little.

  3. Here is hint for the next time you do this.  When we take frozen meat out, and it comes out of a chest freezer set at 0 degrees F,  we place it on a plate and put it on the counter overnight.  If using for the next days meal, slow cooker or whatever and it is needed and not unthawed, we put it in the Microwave, set it 5 minutes on power 3, then check the meat, if it needs more we do it again in the Microwave.

    Just for info, never use the defrost setting on your Microwave to defrost food, it is way to high of a setting, always use power 2 or 3.  All Microwaves I have seen have that ability.

    I have taken bacon out of this freezer that has been in there for several days, thrown it in the Microwave and about 18 to 20 minutes later, have it ready for the frying pan.

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