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  1. Hey everybody!

    I'm grilling chicken thigh's tomorrow, and have seen several post' about covering the skin with Mayonnaise[​IMG]and it seams that the results are what I'd rather have. But have never tried it, so we're giving it a shot tomorrow. From what I've read it's supposed to give a nice crunchy skin.

    I'll let y'all know what happens.


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    Indeed[​IMG]  Keep us posted... [​IMG]  I'll be right here...
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    [​IMG] I am in for this too.  Saw that on BBQ Pitmasters this weekend.  Was wondering about that.

  4. All in all, I liked the chicken. Maybe I was expecting a crunchier skin, maybe if I ran the grill at a little higher temp, or didn't use my water pan that I am addicted too? Still there was a light tangy taste from the MW (Miracle Whip, and that was nice) and the Mayonnaise really held the dry rub on. That alone was helped on the flavor.

    I ran the gill around 225* for just over 90 minutes, for 1 pretty nice sized chicken thighs, bone in, and skin on. Shortly after the chicken broke the 165* mark I pulled everything off. We all liked it, I'd do it again, but I'll try to get a little crunchier skin, higher temp, or lose my water pan???[​IMG]
    Unk Bob
  5. I'll try again later to do pictures... I'm having a heck of a problem!

    Unk Bob
  6. [​IMG]
    Prepped last night with mayonnaise and dry ru.
  7. In the grill wirtfh corn on the vob and apple wood for smoke flavor.
  8. A nice tasting chicken. hope the eorks with pictures from my phone. I can barely see the buttons.
    Unk Bob
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    They look good.........[​IMG]   Run chicken thighs at 275 next time... At the end of the cook place them close to the heat source to crisp up.. Forget the water pan.. thighs have enough fat content to keep them juicy..........
  10. Thanks, I'll have to give that a shot next time. Though the mayonnaise really did help the skin quite a bit. The picture where the meat is still in the grill, you can see the skin looks great!

    I'm doing a small beef brisket Saturday.... Yes I like cooking outside[​IMG]

    Unk Bob
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    Interesting, I had thought the MW would be a bit tangy and now I know :cool: .

    The Mayo. would be better IMHO.:)-

    You should try Corn with Mayo on it...peel the husk back , take off Silk , cover completely with the Mayo ,pull the Husk back over the Ear and Roast/Grill to your liking (I like mine a bit toasty, blacken  the Husk). 

    I call it Street Vendor Corn , I discovered it in Neuevo Laredo , Mex. at one of the little food stands...
  13. Thanks guy's for the ideas. I can sure see how higher temps would give a crispy skin.
    Mayo on the corn??? hey it's sure worth trying.

    Unk Bob
  14. yep thats a mexican thing mayo,cheese,chili,salt,and pepper...haha. raised on it as a child. some ppl like to load taters, we load corn..hahaha
  15. Unk Bob...if ur not adverse to mayo, give that a try next time vs the MW. From what i googled, MW has a very low oil content...which is why it cant be labled/sold as mayo. Possibly that's why it didnt get as crisp???

    And no low fat mayo,  Too much water content.  Learned that the hard way (again, via after my cole slaw and tater salad kept beeing too runny.

    And yeah, T&B...corn rolled in mayo and cheese...YUMMY! What kinda cheese did y'all use as a kid?
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  16. we used all kinds of cheeses that my family would make but primarily parmesan type cheese or a crumbled queso cotija...when we were little we used to run around yelling...EEEWWWW foot cheese foot cheese!! hahaha. and then sit there and devour them one after the other...
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  17. LOL!!! It IS smelly....hahaha. That's all I've used, but thought I saw Martha Stewart (yessss, Martha!) using white crumbly Mexican cheese...Queso something. Fresco, maybe??? Does that sound familiar?
  18. yeh you could use either, queso cotija or queso fresco. cotija is more aged and saltier, fresco is well, fresh cheese. lol. in mexican food cotija is used like parmesan. and queso fresco is often referred to as "mexican crumble cheese".
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  19. Ahhh...the cotija was probably it! Remember her saying it was similiar to parm as far as salt. Will have to look out for that.....thx!
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