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    Hey gents. Been smoking meat for about 5 years now. Mostly self taught through the forums here. Might have bitten off a bit more than I can chew at this point so seeking advice.

    Long story short, converting a fuel oil tank (250 gallon) to a hog roaster on a trailer. Build is about done, so soon comes the cooking.

    The tank is oval, so without citing hard numbers, as you stand infront of it it's 5' wide, 30" deep, and maybe 40" tall. There are two drawers constructed for charcoal. A grease run off made of angle iron running left to right and a large grease drop tray almost making the roaster similar to an infered grill. There is no spit for Mr Pig to rotate on.

    The hog should be 170s dressed.

    Now comes the questions:

    Are there any automatic temperature controllers that would assist in keeping the temp in that sweet 250 range? I've got 300 pounds of charcoal and some apple wood set aside. Not sure how much it'll actually use at this point.

    What other gadgets/tools would be most beneficiary to make this first roast cause the guests to squeal with delight?


    Ps. Post is here since I'm inquiring about gadgets/tools, but any and all thoughts/recommendations are welcome.
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    Might just have to put a fan by the firebox and adjust your dampeners
  3. ltdanbbq

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    Thanks for the input.

    We ended up doing a trial run and the "snake" method of charcoal deployment/utilization.  Worked out quite well for the weekend of the hog roast too.

    I've got a whole hog post with q-view photos a posted here, if you wish to see the outcome.

    Thanks again!


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