Maverick temp probes, best way to clean please.

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  1. Hi folks.

    I've had an ET 732 for a couple of years now and now the meat probe is registering HHH so I'm guessing that it's had it's day. I've also bought a new Mav a month ago and checked it in there and the same happen. It looks fine though, no bad connections or frayed wires, just wondering if it might have anything to do with the way I clean them.

    I've always used a sponge with a green pad on the back with washing up liquid, I do use the green pad to get the worst off. Is the probe itself sensitive or is it just a piece of alloy conducting the temp? Never thought about it before until I had this happened, you know how gunky the probes can get after an 18 hour smoke. I've just bought replacements and don't wanna make the same mistake again, if it is a mistake. Any help apprieciated.
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    The problem comes from putting the probe completely under the water.

    Water will get in at the crimp where the wire goes into the metal probe.

    A lot of people will  put heat shrink over the crimp to make them water tight.
  3. Thanks for that, didn't really think that would be the problem. I'll invest for the new probes and continue doing so.
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    Do not put the probes into water even when heat shrink is used. The best way to clean them is just use your damp sponge with the green pad for the tough stuff on the probe and dont worry to much about the wires. Then always disenfect before inserting into the meat, I use alcohol wipes you can get at the drug store.
  5. Can I just place it over the joints and use a gas lighter to seal or does it have to be a hot air gun or what, my tools are a bit limited.
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    A lighter will work fine just go at it slowly and dont get it any hotter than needed.
  7. Thanks Wolfman, I'll never submerge again, I've always thought they're pretty robust but now I know to take more care.
  8. wade

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    [​IMG]  If you are buying a new probe it never hurts to buy 2 to keep one as a spare. Though my spare probe has remained in its bag since I bought it 2 years ago [​IMG]  - Insurance I guess.
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    To "refurbish" the wet probes...... place them in the oven at 220 deg F for several hours.... maybe 24..... that should drive out the moisture that entered the probe housing.... I've done that, and it worked for me..... Now, if you have gotten oil or fat down the tube, that won't work...
  10. Thanks for all the advice guys, greatly appreciated.
  11. wade

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    A good example of an abused dead probe. To be fair though it probably did 75+ cooks before giving the dreaded HHH

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  12. Where is the best place to get a set(s) of replacement probes? I'm unfortunately due up for them too.
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    Be careful about exposing the probe to a direct flame.  It says not to in the manual. 

    I do shrink wrap my probes where the probe and lead join, then wrap that part in high temp tape for additional strength to prevent crimping. It makes a nice place to pinch it with your fingers when cleaning.  My chamber probe gets a cursory cleaning every once in a while with a nylon scrubber. 

    I have a glass that the 90 degree bend that the 732 food probes hang on nicely.  The bend in the food probe make it impossible to immerse the joint.  I fill the glass with hot, soapy water and let it soak, use the nylon scrub to clean it, then wipe with alcohol.  The shrink wrap/tape are black and yucky, but the probe is clean and sanitized.   
  14. wolfman1955

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    One of the forums sponsors A-MAZE-N PRODUCTS sells the probes, and Todd is a great guy to work with.
    Here is the link They are on the accessories page.
  15. Thanks, need to order some replacements this week.
  16. sb59

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    Isopropyl alcohol wipe. The same way I sterilize before a smoke. If it's really gunky I use a scrubby pad moistened with the alcohol, or you can use some gin or vodka etc.
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    I'm logging off.
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    Wow - That was quick [​IMG]

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