Maverick 732 reads "LLL"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bbqgeekess, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. No matter which port I plug the probe into.

    Does this mean the probe is dead?
  2. gopokesmoke

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    I just had this same problem on my last cook! havent had time to call them yet, please let me know what you find out
  3. oldschoolbbq

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    Did you get it from Todd? You may PM him and get some advise. JMHO
  4. No I haven't called anyone.  I just bought it from Amazon like 45 days ago too.
  5. c farmer

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    Does the other probe work?
  6. c farmer

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    Todd is a sponsor here.
  7. sb59

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    Probes are like tropical fish. Occasionally die & need replacing.
  8. wood river bbq

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    If the display LLL or HHH is shown on the receiver or transmitter in place of the probe temperature the instructions say to wait for the probe to come up to room temperature, You've probably all ready done that. If LLL is still displayed, it's an indication the internal probe wire has shorted out due to moisture or heat damage. Also, LLL will be displayed below 32F and HHH will be displayed above 572F, which is the temperature range of the unit.

    Don G
  9. wade

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    This is not an uncommon problem with this type of digital thermometer. Make sure you have pushed the jack all the way into the meter and twist them back and forth so they make better contact. If the unit still displays LLL, let the probe tip come to room temperature. The error may have been because you exceeded the range of the probe. If the problem still persists, remove the batteries and put them back in so the device can reset itself.

    If there is still a problem - and from what you say I think there will be - it is likely the probe wire has shorted out, It is unlikely to be a failure of the electronics. The most common reason for this is water entering the join between the probe and the cable. Some people put some heat shrink tube over this to protect it. The only remedy is to replace the probe.

    I have owned 4 732s for several years and they are used regularly. Over that time I have only had to replace 2 sets of probes.

  10. Thanks, I wonder what's in those probes and if they can be made inexpensively at home.  They want incredible amounts for their probes and it seems like they are deliberately designed to get water into them and short out.. why couldnt' they seal that?

    Anyone know of a better remote thermo that has rock solid probes?  I only had this probe 45 days and did not abuse it whatsoever.
  11. c farmer

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  12. worktogthr

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    It had a year warranty... Not sure if that covers the probes.
  13. Ok, well I just checked. I guess the cooker probe (not food probe) is bad, because the food probe works on both ports and the cooker probe reports LLL on both.  I swear I didn't get that thing wet.

    Can I in the interim use the food probe as the cooker temp probe?  I only really use the 732 for cooker temp anyways.
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  15. davidhef88

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    That shouldn't be a problem. I've used my food probe for chamber temp in the past.
  16. wood river bbq

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    What is the high temperature limit on the heat shrink? I'm very careful not to get the probes on my ET-85 and ET-732 wet but the extra protection from the heat shrink would be nice.
  17. handymanstan

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    Just for sh_ts and giggles try plugging the prob in and then gently tap the prob on the counter or something and watch the readout and see if it changes.  I think LLL means it is open not shorted and if you have a loose crimp taping it might make the connection.

    I see no real need for the heat shrink tubing unless you repair them.  I have used them in the dishwasher with no problem with out the heat shrink.  You can't get wetter then that without submerging.

  18. worktogthr

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    Same thing happened to me... I
    Called customer service and left a message and no one got back to me... Gotta try again next week when I am off.
  19. jckdanls 07

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    I bought the NEW AND IMPROVED hybrid probe (2) ... after buying numerous sets of the stock probes.... they can be used for ether the chamber or the food.... they say they are waterproof already ... I didn't take the chance and did the High temp red RTV silicone AND the heat shrink tubing... so far so good ...
  20. Where did you get that probe?  Who makes it?  How much did it cost?

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