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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by excalibur, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    Been lurking on the forum until I got a smoker and Santa gifted me with a Masterbuilt two door propane smoker.

    Assembly was fairly straight forward and the smoker is pretty solid.

    One outstanding mystery that I can't seem to answer based on info in the manual.

    On the regulator hose, there's a piece of wire that's looped around it sort of like a key ring and then running off of it, there's a hook-like extension.  The ring is able to slide up and down the propane hose from one end to the other.  Apart from that piece, there's also another piece of wire that was sort of spring-clipped to the shaft between the regulator knob and regulator body.  That second piece of wire has a u-shaped form that allows it to fit around the hose with tension and then it has a fairly lengthy tail with a few right angle bends.

    Looking in the manual, I see they say you should hook the regulator hose to the side body handle of the smoker when not in use.  I know at least one of those pieces of wire are for that purpose but I can't figure out whether I'm supposed to be using one, the other or both.  If both pieces of wire aren't used for hanging the hose, which one is used for that and what is the other one used for.

    The manual has nothing other than a very crude picture & the note that you should hang the hose when not in use.

    Boo yah to anyone who can help answer this question !
  2. sprky

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    can you post some pics, I may know but from your description I'm not sure. I have the master forge 2 door that Lowe's sells.
  3. Thanks sprky - a picture will work better.  Here are mystery parts A & B.

    I know that at least one of them has to do with hanging up the hose but I'm not sure if they both work together to serve that purpose or if they have two completely different functions.

  4. Update: Spoke with Masterbuilt and they told me that Part B is defiintely for hanging the hose / regulator when the smoker is not in use.

    Part A is evidently some sort of safety tether that somehow holds the end of the gas line behind the control panel where it connects to the orifice.  Part A is supposed to be in place when the units leave the factory but in my case, it was sort of freely floating along the gas line when I unboxed the unit.

    I've looked on the underside of the smoker / control panel to try and figure out how this part is supposed to be installed but I just can't seem to figure that out...There aren't any obvious points of attachment that are jumping out to me.

    The customer service rep at Masterbuilt said she'd try and get a picture emailed to me.

    In the mean-time, can anyone on here guide me as to how I should properly attach this part ?

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