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  1. I was peruseing Home Depot's site and saw 2 Masterbuilt smokers very similar to the Brinkman smokers. One model charcoal, one electric. Not much detail, but looks like they put a better therm in the lid at least, Wonder what other improvements they may have incorporated. They aren't shown on Masterbuilt's site yet, that I can find.

     Anybody seen one yet ?
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    I haven't seen them in a store but they appear to be a bit shorter than the old Brinkmann's. A big pork butt or turkey and there's probably not room for the 2nd grate/grill.  (I even sometimes use a 3rd grate in my old Brinkmann when I'm doing small cuts like chicken pieces, sausage, etc.  

    But I agree I'd like to hear from people who've actually seen them about the apparent build quality.  For the price, Brinkmann gave fairly good quality pans and grates.  Gotta' wonder if these might have cut some corners to keep the same price point.  

    As you note they offer some advantages over the Brinkmanns too.  Not only do they have a direct-reading thermometer, but an airflow adjuster in the lid and the electric models have adjustable heater power. And the stated wattage for the electric ones equals the hotter Brinkmann filament, not the 1200W model that some folks have complained can't get to temperature.  
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    Curious... could you post a link?
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    post was in response to these:   at $50    at $80

    I'll also add these Masterbuilt clones come with porcelain grills/grates/racks, which I think might hold up better than Brinkmann's plated ones.  Just through normal washing, I've worn off most of the chrome or nickel plating on mine and am down to what I think is a copper flash.  (My Weber grates are doing just fine with comparable usage.)   

    Hate to hi-jack the thread, but have others had the same problem with the plating on their Brinkmann grates?  

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