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  1. I got a great deal on Black Friday on a masterbuilt cold smoker kit for my 30" digital smoker. It states on the outside of the box to be sure to read the owners manual before using but there was no manual in the box. I figured I could download a copy from Masterbuilts web site but they don't list one so I clicked on the "contact us" button and sent them an email explaining my problem. It's been 2 days now and I haven't heard anything back from them, does anyone know where I can get a copy of this manual?
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    Call them...They are usually quick to respond and get stuff like that in the mail same or next day...JJ
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, I gave them a call and they emailed me the manual in PDF form, I had it 2 minutes after I got off the phone with them. The person I spoke with couldn't believe that they didn't have the manual on their website.
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    Telman2 we need a pictorial review of the Masterbuilt cold smoke kit..   do us a favor and write,take pics, and post... please..[​IMG]
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    Could the cold smoker be used like a pellet grill, using the smokers temp control, also
  6. I apologize, it's been a hectic year and I totally forgot about this thread. I've been using the cold smoker all summer and it's fantastic. I use the heater in the smoker for cooking and the cold smoker for producing the smoke so yes gunrunner it will work like a pellet smoker. I can easily get hours of smoke out of the cold smoker, It's nice not having to run out and check to see if you need to add more chips. I found a nice cart at Sam's Club and mounted the smoker and cold smoker on it so now it's all one solid unit. I don't what else I can say about it, if anyone has any questions ask away. Here are two quick pictures I just took of it. 

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    Thanks for the reply. I could not find a reason that it would not work but it is nice to know
    that some one tried it beforel

    By the way, nice job on the rod.
  8. Thank you, I built it back in 1967 and if I had any idea back then that I would still be driving it when I was 70 years old I would have built a door into it.
  9. do you still use the wood chips in it?  
  10. Yes, it uses the same chips as the smoker, the only difference is it loads from the top and has a larger capacity.
  11. Hey Telman2, if you dont mind...Im just trying to fiqure out how it all the chips just pile up on top of a hot plate? And burn all at once? Or does it have some kind of feeder system?

    Sorry to hit you with so many questions on this, is just that Ive really been thinking about ordering this and wonder if it will work for what I use this smoker for.   Im just doing small batches of sausages at 165* and just like a very light smoke going across them. On my Mes 30 , Ive been loading just 4 or 5 apple chips every 30 to 40 minutes or so with the vent closed and its worked great, but if there is a way to adjust the amount of smoke, or how fast it burns the chips, I think this cold smoker might be nice to have on there.  Plus, Ive started fabricating a cart for it, and need to change my design if Im going to add this to the smoker.

    Thanks again:
  12. OK, my computer skills are very limited, if I knew how I would post a copy the manual (PDF) and the pictures alone would explain everything. So I'm going to have to do it the hard way with my pictures, I hope you can understand it.

    First is a picture of the top of the chip chamber, you lift that silver cap off and pour the chips in.

    Next I removed the chip chamber and you can see the burner at the bottom.

    Here is the chamber that holds the chips, it is supported by that collar around it in the middle and sits over top of the burner.

    This is the screen on the bottom on the chip chamber, it's pretty heavy duty and just slides off the chamber for cleaning.

    Finally we have the drawer that catches the ashes, it just slides out for easy cleaning.

    I hope this helps, again if you have any questions feel free to ask.
  13. Thats perfect, thanks again for your time and effort. I kept looking at the box at Bass pro trying to fiqure out how it worked, but your pics explain everything. I dont think it would take much to modify it for my needs and it would be easier than making something from scratch.
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    The one thing that I did not see, but am making another assumption . There is a connecting tunnel where the smokers chip feeder should be????
  15. I honestly don't know how I did it but I managed to copy this parts list from the PDF.  You remove the chip loader from the smoker then insert the mount tube (#9 in the picture) into the smoker. The J bolt #7 with a wing nut holds the two pieces together, if you look in the second picture above you can see the end of the hook on the left. I hope this helps, if you have any more questions feel free to ask.

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    Can the cold smoker be left hooked up the MES 40 unit to smoke ribs, pork butt and etc at 225 degrees or do you have to disconnect the cold smoker for high temp smoking?
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    I am going to find out.  I can see no reason why I cannot use the heat from the smoker and the smoke from the cold unit.  I have done more stupid stunt than this.
  18. Yes that is the main reason I got it, I use the cold smoker to produce the smoke and the burner in the smoker to produce the heat. Aside from the fact that I don't have to keep running out to load more chips I found that I can get a lot more consistent temperatures on colder days with both burners going.
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    I want to add that I have added the cold smoker to my masterforge as well and is it great to get a constant smoke flow without adding chips to the chip tray. Love it, great mod!

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