Masterbuilt Can't Stay Lit in Wind

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by uberhack, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. uberhack

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    I'm on my first rib smoke with my new Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite 40". It's a pretty gusty day here in Colorado. I'm having a hell of a time keeping the darn thing lit! It's kind of freaking me out as we have a party tonight.
    Any tips for keeping it lit? I have pieces of plywood surrounding the bottom as much as I can right now. Anything else I can do aside from asking the wind nicely to stop blowing?
  2. smokeyjman

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    I used cinderblocks. Ive seen other mods that look cleaner. Look at the thread called masterbuilt mods. Its about 7 pages long. Scroll thru there and get some idea....maybe try and close your intake vents as well as make a wimd skirt
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    Vent regulation will drive ya crazy trying to do it that way and if it works. Make a wind break, move the smoker to a wind break, Cinder blocks are great, plywood, turn over a lawn chair, get an elephant to lay down next to it, move your truck over to block for it, whatever just to break the breeze.
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