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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by tim202, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. OK....I was FINALLLY able to place an order for the new Master Forge Double Door Propane Smoker with the fold down side shelf. It should be in by next Friday [​IMG]

    Just wondering if anyone has this new model, how it's working and what mods may be different from the last model?

    Thanks for you help.

  2. bmudd14474

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    I dont know how this one is doing but congrats on the new member to the family. I can't wait to see you using it.
  3. Thanks and I can't wait to get started on my new addiction!!!!

  4. Hey Tim, congrats on scoring the new smoker!  I have the original model MF and love that little thing.  Would you mind taking some pix of the water pan and burner part of the new model?  I'd really like to see if they changed that.  I read somewhere that they made the water pan smaller to allow more heat from the burner to flow upward.  If the inside dimensions are the same between the old and new model, I might want to order the new water pan and retro fit it in my older model.  Heck, when you get it, take some pix of the entire thing.  I think a lot of us MF owners would like to see what the new model looks like inside and out.

    Would also like to hear what you think of the new model once you've had a chance to run it a few times.


  5. davidhef88

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    I have the old model also and love it also. I would also love to see pics. I am looking for a smaller water pan for mine just havent found the right one yet
  6. Salt/Dave, I'll be sure to take pics and get them on here .....hopefully next weekend!!!

  7. Roger that Tim.  Looking forward to seeing the pix and I bet you're looking forward to firing up that bad dog!  Nothing like getting a new I mean smoker!

  8. I have the old model as well, and love it, looking at the pict's of the new one, i was thinking, that side table should be on the other side, after all it will be behind the door when the door is open. Also am interested in knowing if the water pan is smaller or not, if it isn't on mine i drilled some holes on the flat portion that sets in the rails to allow the heat to pass, 1/2" holes worked great for me.

    One thing i do recommend is, line your water pan with aluminum foil prior to use, it makes cleanup a snap.
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    I have yet too see the new one I keep checking Lowe's but they dont have 1 set up yet. I also have the older model. I use sand in my water pan, helps with recovery time and seams to keep temp more stable. 
  10. OK...Set up the new MF this afternoon. Came packaged really well and instructions were easy to follow. The water pan measures 13.75" x 13.75", I haven't seen the older model but I'm guessing this will have the same problem blocking heat and smoke ( I like the idea of drilling 1/2" holes  53). I did not gasket the doors but I can see I will probably need to do that also. Thermometer was awful...according to my digital I got the temp up to about 280 and the supplied thermometer didn't even register 150....I'll be calling tomorrow to ask them to send me a new one ....any suggestions on a good digital to go with?  SPRKY, my local Lowes do not carry these instore...must order online. Over all the construction and materials are kind of lightweight but I really think for the money spent it is a pretty good value and I can't wait to do some smokin......if the weather is good that will be next weekend. Below are some pixs. Anyone have any ideas on covers that might be available for these?

  11. Thanks for the pictures Tim....Looks like the wood box and water pan are the same size as the older model.....a trick I use for the wood box (if you're going to use chunks/chips) is to slide it into the smoker on the very top of the side rails instead of the middle.  It raises the wood box just a bit but helps with the chunks not catching fire.  I also wrap the lid of the wood box with HD foil and punch a few holes in it.  One of the problems with the MF wood box is it's just a bit too close to the burner flame...

    I bet you can't wait to fire that bad dog up! 

  12. Thanks Salt...Good advice about the wood box!!!! And I can't wait to get some of the shine off this smoker.  [​IMG]

  13. harleysmoker

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    Yea looks the same as my older model. So they are advertising it as gas/charcoal now, and added a shelf on the side. So you just put charcoal in the wood pan to make it a charcoal smoker? Don't look that will work to me,,,,,,,,,
  14. Agreed Harley...probably won't use it in the charcoal mode.

  15. I bought the same one the first week of January. When I seasoned it, the chips started on fire. I thought I must have had the burner on too high and, like you said, the thermometer barely moved. A few weeks later, I stuck a butt roast in there with a cheap surface thermometer which showed I never was able to get it above 220, even with the thing running full force. The roast took about 10 hours to get to 190, which I guess that's not that bad. Yesterday, I did a whole chicken and couldn't get the temp over 205. The wood chips started on fire that time too. I should add the temp here in Iowa was around 45, and it was windy all three times. I haven't done any mods yet even though I have the gasket in a bag by the back door. I ended up finishing the chicken in the oven (I guess the wife and son wanted to eat before dark), but my 5-year-old ate more chicken than I have ever seen him eat before in his life. He even asked for it for breakfast the next day (he usually says he doesn't want breakfast).

    I think next time I am going to try to move the chips up the top of the rails in the lower position or even to where the water pan is and move the water pan up to the lowest position in the top section. I also wonder how much the outside temp makes a difference, and will know that in a few months.
  16. Hey badohmen, wind definitely impacts the performance of the MF and gassers in general.  One thing I found on the MF is the position of the bottom vents really impacts temps.  The more closed they are the higher temps I see in the unit.  I've also noticed, and I'm sure this is due to the shape of the water pan, is that temps run hotter on the outside edges of the smoker than in the middle.  Probably due to the small opening around the water pan where the heat actually rises into the box....I've mapped this with a couple thermos and can see a difference of up to 20* between the center of a cooking grate to the edge....

  17. davidhef88

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    Thanks for the pics.
  18. hey all new to the forums...i just bought this smoker also and its great but when i went to season it today i couldnt get it above 120 no matter what i tried...any suggestions to help get it up...any help is appreciated thanks so much...
  19. Hey texasman, are you going by the thermo in the door of the smoker?  The one that came with it?  If so, they are known to be way off.....also, the bottom vents have an impact on the temps in the MF... more open, lower temps, more closed, higher temps.  I'd be suspicious of the thermo if you can't get your MF past 120... I can hit about 280*-290* on mine with everything running full blast...

  20. What Salt said......When I fired mine up the supplied thermometer would not even get to 150 but my digital said I was up to about 280. I did call MF and they are sending a new on...but I'm not hodling out too much hope that it will work either. Think I'll just order up a new digital....any suggestions on a good one. are you folks getting the thermometer probes into the smoker...drill a hole?


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