Master Forge Double Door never get above 232

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by stlbassman, Aug 11, 2013.

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    What sold me on this smoker, was it had 4 cooking racks, but what I soon found out was the wood box was too close to the burner and I would have constant flare ups with chips, chunks, soaked 30 mins to 3 days, it didn't matter, she flared up when she got hot. So I lost a cooking rack and shifted everything up a rack, so my wood box wouldn't be so close to the burner, problem solved, and she gave me nice thin blue smoke, that's my girl. So I programmed my wireless to beep if she goes above 275, it wasn't often the wireless would beep... but within the last 6 months, I've noticed my temp isn't touching 240 which is ok, I like it low and slow but at the same time she's not getting up there either, my last major smoke, she only got up to 232... Is it time for a new smoker?
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    bassman, evening....    check the venturi for spiders and such...  


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