Master Built 30" w/window problem

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by da toad, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. I have had my subject smoker for a couple of months now. Loving the cooking but the darn thing leaks fluids through the bottom of the window and also at the bottom left side of the door. The door leak is much worse. Any other MES owners experiencing this problem?
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    That's a Great Question:

    In the 6 years I used Gen #1 MES units, I never had that happen.

    Now during one of my smokes I noticed a puddle of water around the right front foot of my new Gen #2.5.

    I just laid a couple paper towels there to suck it up.

    I figured it was just the condensation that kept forming on the inside of the window & running down, but I don't understand where the condensation went all the times I used My Gen #1 ????

    I only noticed it one time, so it might depend on what you're smoking & how much humidity the current air can handle.

  3. Mine leaks every time no matter what I am cooking.  Just might have to get a return on it.  It's a PIA especially the leak at the bottom of the door.  I can't tighten up the latch any more that it already is.[​IMG]
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    I find myself sitting here trying to think of where the water should go:

    The outside humidity is being drawn into the smoker & being turned into condensation on the inside, like on the glass in the door, like mine does all the time. The one I mentioned above that formed a puddle under the right front foot had more condensation than usual, because it was really running down the door glass a lot.

    Now where is this water supposed to go??

    If it doesn't find it's way out the bottom of the door, where else should it go?

    I never had any show up in my drain pan or on my smoker floor.

    I don't know that this would be a problem with the smoker itself, but I could be wrong.


    Are you putting water in your Water pan???

    If so-----STOP doing that---It is not needed in an MES, and could be why this is happening no matter what you are Smoking !!!

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    Now that you mentioned it, I noticed a small puddle of grease around the left front leg of my MES 30 Gen 1 one time. Since it's never reoccurred I forgot about it. But my smoker doesn't have a window. And there are no smoke leaks anywhere after 3+ years.
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