Maple Turkey..Gravy?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by lone wolf bbq, Nov 23, 2014.

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    Hi my name is Rob and I'm a BBQaholic...[​IMG]. ​
    This recipe looks great and this is what we are having on Thursday. My bride would like some gravy..any suggestions on how to get the drippings off this bird? I figure because it is open in the smoker they will just dry up. I cannot smoke it for a couple of hours then toss it in the oven due to the amount of other items that will need the oven and limited space. Any suggestions?​
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    Rob , send us a pic of your Smoker so we can better tell you the method...

    However , I will state a few things...

    Place a pan of water(not a lot) under the bird. Can't , no room ? them put in a pan with a Roasting rack under the Turkey , then you 'could even add vegies if you want . Add some water if

    need to keep from drying up.

    Now , get a Probe Therm. , unless you already have one , calibrate it and put it In the Breast deep  in  the meat and not touching bone...cook to 165*F in Breast and Legs/Thighs , but

    they will probably 170*F or so , 'good!'  This will take about 5-6hrs. for a 12 to 14lb. Bird.

    Rest the Turkey for 30min. to an Hour , then rip her apart...

    Have fun and , , ,

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