Making own lumpwood charcoal

Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by niallam, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. niallam

    niallam Fire Starter

    Anyone done it?
    I've have an endless wood supply thanks to a new motorway a few fields behind me and a lot of trees that needed "moving" to our yard :) lol I probably have 3000kg wood.
    I could cook with the wood but don't want to over smoke the food so going to try make some lumpwood instead and keep some dried for the smoke.
    Loads of oak and beech, ash and hawthorn.
  2. Search out -making a retort for charcoal production-. Couple of barrels and lid is really all you need. Videos on youtube step by step. Ive done small scale batches but full drum burns arent allowed in my twp.Have fun.
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  3. niallam

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    Here's what I haven't cut for firewood yet.
    The big tree trunk is oak and about 40" diameter.
  4. Nice haul. Time to start splitting and stacking. Couple of Guinness should help with that chore.
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  5. radioguy

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    I'm interested. Its on my list. Want to build retort that is self sustained, recyles gas to fuel the process. I'm just trying to gather parts.

  6. sqwib

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    Yeah I've made a couple retorts, just too dam smoky for where I live.

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  7. radioguy

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    On the 55 gallon one. Is that 3/4 black pipe? Holes drilled in barrel side as a burner? Do you load it "packed" full.

    Never seen one like that.

  8. sqwib

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    Yeah its a indirect method, the gas is pumped through the black pipe and ignites as it exits under the barrel, here's a video I made, go to 4:07 if you don't want to listen to Johnny Cash sing,"the ring of fire", for 10 minutes.


    Heres an article I wrote on it too.

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  9. radioguy

    radioguy Smoking Fanatic

    Thanks Sqwib

  10. joel11230

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    I've done a few batches of pecan and it has turned out nice and I've cooked with it. Only thing the gases off mine have never caught fire and I'm not sure why it hasn't.

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