making jerky in a non electric smoker

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  1. Hi, I'm new at this and have a question. I want to try making beef jerky in the smoker. Mine isn't electric so I can't set it for a specific temperature. It's a Dynaglo charcoal, wood smoker. So do I just open vents to try to keep the temp lower? I think I read somewhere that a bowl of water in the smoking area would keep it cooler. Any other advice?
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    Hello DebW,  Are you using a cure for your jerky?  I know you can’t control the temp with a control like electric but you can control the temp of a charcoal fire by size.  If you just want to warm the smoker and make smoke just use a few pieces of charcoal and one wood chunk.  If you want to raise the heat at the end just add more lit charcoal. Keep your intake vents at ½ to start and adjust as needed.  I read somewhere way bake when that each piece of charcoal will raise the temp like 5 to 10 degrees.  You will need to tend the fire more than electric but it can be done. I would not use a water bowl with water for jerkey.  Good luck!

  3. Thanks, Stan.

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