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Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by jeepsjeep, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. jeepsjeep

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    So, I've cut into my ammo can, as I'm not happy with the smoke (lack of) on my new masterbuilt 30, unless I'm at high temps.  After reading a bunch on here, I decided to try the mailbox mod.  I didn't have a mailbox, but had an ammo can, someone here has this setup I believe.  As you can see from the pics I cut a 3 inch hole in the back, drilled 3 3/8" holes for intake (maybe not enough?) and set out to smoke some ham, and andoulie sausage this weekend.  

    Unfortunately I don't have pics during smoking, because it was Very windy on Saturday, and the temps were in the mid 20' cold to pull the phone out.  Anyway, the can started great, for about an hour, then extinguished (I had my amaze-n with pellets, 2 rows, nuked, they are dry)  I know this can is waterproof once shut, so I wonder if I need more intake holes?  Any advice would be helpful, thanks!
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    It looks as if the air holes are in the bottom of the ammo box....   they should be on the opposite end from the duct work....  I have 3 3/4" holes...   2 on the bottom on the door and one in the top of the door..  

    If you can remove the connector then put it back in with half the tabs straight and half bent at 90 degrees...  insert the adapter up to the 90 degree bent tabs....   then bend the straight tabs to 90 degrees like the other tabs....    that will make the adapter rigid and almost air tight...

    If your smoker cools off....   maybe from cold meat, the airflow will stop and put the pellets out....   the smoker and meat must be above ambient temperature...   turn the heat on for a few minutes.....  

    If you have a water pan in the smoker, the steam being generated will stop the air flow...   water expands 1600 times to produce steam...

    If you have a brined turkey, as an example, it will create steam also when it heats up and the flow will stop...
  3. jeepsjeep

    jeepsjeep Fire Starter

    Thanks Dave, that very well may be what happened, the hams were brined, about 6 lbs total, pan had water in it too, but I added that after about an hour because I forgot. I'll re do my flaps like yours, my holes are in the bottom of the can opposite from the exhaust. ( I'm laying the can on its side during smoking)  Thanks for the advice, I'm sure I'll be smoking something again this weekend.

    Oh, and here's the after pics of my smoked boneless hams.  I didn't put a rub on these, just the brine. These pics are next day after being in the fridge and then sliced, makes my favorite sammies!
  4. smokinal

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    The hams look great!

  5. jeepsjeep

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    Smoked a batch of jerky today and it worked great! I really like being able to walk away and know its smoking even at low temps. (My jerky started out at 130 degrees)  Here's some pics of the setup....I really need to clean my glass on the smoker.


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