Made Some Jerky Last Week (Q-View of course)

Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by alelover, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Had BOGO on London broils at the Harris-Teeter. Naturally my thoughts turned to jerky.


    Set the slicer at 3/16 this time. Thought I'd try a thinner jerky this time and see what happens.


    Altered my recipe just a tad. Added some meat tenderizer this time and cut the soy in half. Trying to reduce salt a little.

    The Rub.



    The Marinade.



    The Recipe

    4 lbs London Broil (sliced about 3/16” thick)

    ¼ cup of soy sauce
    ½ cup of molasses
    ¼ cup of Thick L & P Worcestershire sauce
    ½ cup L & P Worcestershire sauce
    ½ cup Coke
    1 teaspoon sugar

    1 ½ tablespoons of garlic powder
    1 ½ tablespoons of onion powder
    1 tablespoon of black pepper
    1 teaspoon paprika
    1 teaspoon McCormick’s Meat Tenderizer (No MSG)
    4 tablespoons of Morton Tender Quick

    Mix the wet ingredients separate from the dry. Make sure the sugar dissolves well. Then evenly sprinkle dry ingredients over meat and lightly rub. Flip meat and repeat. Put in gallon Ziploc for 2 hours. Then lay the meat in a 1-gallon zip lock bag. Add one layer at a time. Once one layer is done I apply some marinade in-between layers. Put 2 lbs in each gallon bag to marinate in 1 cup of marinade per bag. Add next layer of spiced meat then add additional marinade over top of next layer and so on. Tender Quick should be 1 tablespoon (TBS) per each pound of muscle meat. Refrigerate for 24 hours, and then lightly rinse meat under cold water and pat dry before dehydrating or smoking.

    Slice up the meat.


    Rubbed it on both sides.


    Added the marinade per the recipe and bagged it up for 24 hours.


    Took out of fridge after 24 hours.


    Got it all rinsed and dried off and ready to go smokin.


    Going with Peach and Apple dust in the HAAS.


    And a hickory log. Trying to smoke at 135 this time. Real small fire.


    Should take about 6 hours.


    The temps varied from 125 -150. I can live with that. Got some nice TBS going.


    Looking pretty done to me.



    I let it sit here overnight and bagged it up the next day.


    It came out quite good I think. Great flavor.

    Thanks for tuning in.
  2. fpnmf

    fpnmf Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Looks great Scott!

    Is that bird gonna migrate??

  3. roller

    roller Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    That jerky looks real good..I have a meat slicer like that it works real good...
  4. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Looks & sounds awesome, Scott, and a Great Step by Step !!!!!

    I'm stealing this to my How-tos !!!!!


  5. Just added jerky to my "To smoke" list. Thanks for sharing [​IMG]
  6. boykjo

    boykjo Sausage maker Staff Member Moderator Group Lead OTBS Member

    looks great.................................[​IMG]

  7. venture

    venture Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Great post! Thanks!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  8. oldcountrygirl

    oldcountrygirl Fire Starter

    Looks great, thanks for sharing the recipe!!
  9. jrod62

    jrod62 Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    does look great !!!!

    another great recipe in the "must do" folder
  10. Thanks fellas. You should try that recipe Bear. It is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. The wife and kids and the oldests boyfriend love it. I think I need to stay at a 1/4". The 3/16 I think got more salt concentration by virtue of being thinner. I may cut the TQ in half and marinate it a couple days next time. It does have a good texture and chewiness though. Plus the meat is always different each time too. Even though it's the same cut. I think the birds left Craig. Ain't seen them since they learned to fly. Could be the smoke that made them leave. [​IMG]
  11. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I don't make Jerky often, but my next will be your recipe, except I'll cut it at least 1/4", like you say.

    Morton's recipe calls for the TQ like you did this one----Full TQ, with short brine time---1 hour. We always did 2 hours.

  12. I had it marinating 24 hours.
  13. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Yes I saw that.

    Like I said, we don't make Jerky often, and since Morton's recipe said to marinate for only one hour, we were afraid to go longer than 2 hours.

    Morton's makes great products, but they are certainly lacking in their recipes & instructions.

    That's why I said, I will follow your instructions next time.

    Thanks again Scott,

  14. africanmeat

    africanmeat Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    It looks amazing
  15. slownlow

    slownlow Smoking Fanatic

    Nice job, it looks great.  Thanks for the step by step.
  16. Looks great from here. Like everyone else I'm going to give this a try in the MES. Think I will use #1 cure instead of  tender quick. Already saved to evernote.
  17. chef jimmyj

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    Looks Great! and your Marinade/Seasoning recipes sound really good to...Thanks Bro...JJ
  18. Thanks again folks. I had some yesterday and I think it is better than a week ago. Remember that subbing cure #1 for TQ is not an equal swap. It will have less salt content too.
  19. smokinal

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    Great looking jerky Scott!
  20. Thanks Al. Great tasting too.

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