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  1. ajsmokes

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    Does anyone have any good recipes for smoked mac n cheese? I've tried two so far and failed both times..

    Any ideas at all would be helpful
  2. Smoke your cheese, let it age for 3 months.
    We use about 750 grams of cheese. Grated.
    Make a rue from flour butter and a little water from the pasta stock while boiling.
    Add the cheese to disolve and then drain off the pasta and add it to the cheese sauce.

    Easy as.

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    wow thanks much
  4. ajsmokes

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    OMG!!!! How did I miss that on the smoke ring?   That is awesome looking and I will have to make this for the office for sure.
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    It is, you are welcome. We've made it several times and it's always a big hit, although I prefer the saltiness of ham in it as opposed to the steak.

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