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  1. Does anyone have ideas of good rubs for low or no sodium? I have always used rubs with plenty of salt.
  2. Mrs dash is what I use. Available at grocery stores here. High BP no added salt for me.
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    The salt & sugar are needed to draw moisture out of the meat, make a brine, then soak the flavors back into the meat.

    That being said, If you make your own rubs it is easy to reduce the sodium.  You buy the individual herbs & spices and mix them up.  I have some salt free seasonings that I will add salt to to use as an overnight rub.  When grilling, I usually do without the salt.

    You used to be able to get Potassium Chloride instead of sodium chloride.  The taste was a little different than Salt, but it reduced the sodium.  I don't know if the potassium is bad for you too, or not.  

    Mrs. Dash has several varieties of seasonings now, as mentioned above.

    The Spice Hunter has quite a variety of Salt Free Blends.  My local Giant Eagle used to carry them. I don't know where to get them not online around my area.

    Penzeys Spices also has a bunch of salt free spice blends available.  

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