Lots of ground venison-need recipe ideas?

Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by stayhot, Mar 31, 2014.

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    I was fortunate enough to harvest 3 deer last year and I have more ground venison than steaks. I was looking for a good tasting recipe to use the ground for OTHER than pre-mixed, I've tried them but to salty for me. Thanks in advance!!
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    I see you posted this in the jerky forum, but if I had excess ground I would consider sausage myself. Snack sticks and summer sausage are some of my favorite things to make with venison. I'm sure you have thought about it, but if not I figured I would throw it out there. Good luck, that's not a bad problem to have!
  4. stayhot

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    Looking for ground jerky recipes only, not what to do with it.
  5. I like making beef jerky when its ground up but deer jerky never comes out well when ground and shot through jerky gun. I can recommend using spice kits from con Yeager, takes about a week to order... just don't use their Teriyaki. Hillbilly mix I liked the best.

     I typically make dehydrated snack stix with ground deer. No casings and about 1/2 thick which if you let dry up some turn about 1/4 thick and are awsomw, recipe from "dales cookbook" he has a book devoted to wild game

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